Tim Russell

Radio Talk Show Host & Actor

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AUDIENCE QUESTION: Have you ever heard from Fred Rodgers or Julia Child regarding your portrayals of them?

TIM: No, but I did get a cease and desist order from Mr. McFeely, he's very protective.

AUDIENCE QUESTION: Tim, which do you like best - WCCO or PHC?

TIM: CAREFUL! I live for PHC, and I love working for 'CCO.
-Tim Russell from A Prairie Home Companion Live Backstage Chat
Tim Russell

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Tim Russell interviewing Lauren Bacall.

Tim Russell interviewing Lauren Bacall.

Listen to Twin Cities WCCO radio talk show host, Tim Russell as he demos his commercial audio work and sketches from A Prairie Home Companion.

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To hire Tim Russell contact Amy Oppegaard of Wehmann Models and Talent, Inc. in Minneapolis at 612.333.6393.

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