Divorced Wine Critics Reminisce

Back to the ’50′s, Chicago Travelogue

“Obama” Enlists Sue’s “Ruth Harrison, Reference Librarian” for his Presidential Library

Pretentious Wine Critic Gets Schooled in Seattle

Bertrand Falstaff Heine visits Seattle’s finest purveyors of Coffee and Clams and is schooled in pretentious hyperbole by a young Clammelier (?). Join Sue Scott and Tim Russell on “A Prairie Home Companion” January 14 in Chicago at Symphony Place.

A Halloween Treat from Tim and Sue On Prairie Home

Alaska Cruise, Sue and Tim’s “Klondike Comedy Capers”

IMG_9152Just wrapped a 2 week “A Prairie Home Companion” cruise with Garrison Keillor. Great fun. Sue and Tim put together a show for the proceedings, “The Klondike Comedy Capers”, joined by two fine actors, Jay Albright and Angie Timberman, who were featured last year in Garrison Keillor’s play, “Radio Man” at The History Theater in St. Paul, MN. Sketch comedy, and a knock-off of the classic “Dating Game” with the eligable bachelors, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Gary Johnson. Great fun. As usual Garrison was indefatigable, and just as creative as he was 10 cruises ago.




The Royal Academy Actors Salute Garrison’s Last Show as Host of APHC

“Mom” Worries about Duane’s Dad

“The Story Of Bob, A Young Artist”, The Chaos Returns!

“Trump” Wants to Ban All Mustard, On Behalf of the Catchup Advisory Board!